2013 East Bay Mini Maker Faire Program CoverSchedule posted subject to possible change. Stay up to date: subscribe to the list or follow us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @ebmakerfaire.

Locations and Stages

Studio One Plaza > DRONE ZONE
Magnolia Bldg Great Room  > PRESENTATION STAGE
Magnolia Building > MAKER SKILLS ROOM
Grandma’s Attic > SWAP-O-RAMA-RAMA

Studio One Plaza > DRONE ZONE

11:30 AM — Mark Harrison and East Bay RC
Drones, Planes, and Flying Robots  Mark and team will be presenting an overview of drones, quadcopters, radio-controlled planes, and other various flying machines.  Some of them pilot themselves with GPS control! They will introduce the various types of aircraft, talk about what they’re made of and how they work, and tell you how you can get involved in this interesting hobby.

Magnolia Building Great Room > PRESENTATION STAGE

11AM — Making in the Classroom What does making look like in the classroom? Come hear from a panel of teachers and educators who will share how they incorporate making into their classes, and how making is increasingly transforming education. This panel will be moderated by Steve Davee, Director of Education and Communications for the Maker Education Initiative. Panelists include:

  • David Otten- Athenian School
  • Christa Flores- Hillbrook School
  • Gregory Gavin- Riveropolis
  • Ilya Pratt- Park Day School
  • Kyle Metzner- East Bay School for Boys
  • Aaron Vanderwerff – Lighthouse Public Charter School
  • Dawn Thomas and Robert VanDeWalle- Comstock/Santa Rosa Middle School

12PM — Tim O’Reilly   The Chicken Palace  Author, publisher, and maker Tim O’Reilly will share design and construction tips for an ideal chicken habitat, covering such topics as how to keep rats out, ideal size and design for low maintenance, how to manage the chicken sh*t, and how to make convenient, accessible nesting boxes.

1PM — Steve Spiker, Eddie Tejeda and Jennifer Pahlka
OpenOakland: Make Your City –
Oakland has been leading the country in the “civic hacking” movement.  It is the birthplace of Code for America, a national non-profit that believes that government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. It’s also home of OpenOakland, an organization of technologists, journalists, and city staff collaborating to build a better Oakland using open civic web technologies. After you’ve made your metalwork, robots, laser printed doodads, and textiles, come learn how to make the city you live in.

2PM — Dale Dougherty  Making Makers – Proclaimed a “Champion of Change” by the White House, Dale Dougherty is the founder of MAKE magazine and the creator of Maker Faire, instigator of the Young Makers program, and founder of the Maker Education Initiative.  Dale will talk about how making builds confidence, fosters creativity, and sparks interest in science, technology, engineering, math, the arts—and learning as a whole.

3PM — David Lang  Zero to Maker – David Lang is the co-founder of OpenROV (underwater DIY robots), a MAKE magazine contributing editor, and a TED fellow. He’ll share his story of going from Maker Faire newbie to maker entrepreneur in just a few years, and offer great advice for learning the lingo, tools, and techniques. If you’re not sure where you fit in with the whole maker thing – start here.

4 PM — Alan Rorie, Sean Orlando of Five Ton Crane
Collaborative Making in Large Scale -  Five Ton Crane (5TC) is a diverse group of artists, geeks and inventors from the San Francisco Bay Area. The name implies the intention: 5TC does the heavy lifting that the individual artist couldn’t do on their own; by pooling resources, interests and talent to create opportunities for bigger, better and bolder Art. Alan and Sean will share a bit about how the collective succeeds on delivering together such high-quality projects such as the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, the Nautilus Submarine Art Car, and the Steampunk Tree House.

Magnolia Building > MAKER SKILLS ROOM

11:30AM — The Google Glass Evangelist/Dave Martinez  What’s Up with Google Glass
Dave will share what Google’s wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) can do in all facets of life.  This will be a hands on experance with Google Glass so people can handle and use Glass.
He will also talk about development and coming applications for Glass.

12:30PM — Eric Weinhoffer/MAKE  Getting Started with 3D Printing
Get a sense of the basics of how desktop 3D printers work, what you can expect to make with one right now, and how to learn more so that you can join the “3D Printing Revolution” yourself!

1:30PM —- Rolf Widenfelt Getting Started with Arduino
Arduino is an inexpensive open source electronic prototyping platform for all makers. Rolf Wilkinson will guide you through the process of selecting and programming your first Arduino.

2:30PM — 3D Fabbers:  Architects, Artists and Builders in the Age of Digital Fabrication
What happens when you 3D print a building?  What happens when architects, designers, engineers and builders have access to increasingly inexpensive advanced tooling and digital fabrication?  Meet two East Bay companies working in this new sphere of design/build/fabrication services, learn about what they make, and how this reinvention/breakdown of traditional professions is influencing the marketplace.  With Stephanie Smith and Bryan Allen of SmithAllen Studios, Jillian and Jeffrey McGrew of BecauseWeCan, Sean Cusack and Lara Edge of Sheet Metal Alchemist.

3:30PM – Eric Weinhoffer/MAKE  Multirotors 101
This presentation will introduce you to multirotors (tricopters, quadrocopters, hexcopters) — how they work, what they’re used for, and the best way for you to get started!

4PM - Samantha Cook  Hacker Scouts: Hacking the Next Generation
Join founder and Executive Director Samantha Cook on an exploration of Hacker Scouts, a national non-profit organization founded in Oakland that focuses on STEAM Education and real, relevant skill building.the programs.  Learn about the programs, the mission, the new family-centric makerspace headquarters in Oakland, and how to get involved or start a program.


11:00 —Lauri Twichell/Blake Garden  Origami Pots
From  the people who developed the programs at Berkeley’s Blake Garden, come learn how to make make origami  planting pots out of biodegradable newsprint.

12PM — Jennifer Sherman Canning Tomatoes
Want to learn how to “put up” quarts of beautiful summer tomatoes to be used throughout the winter and spring? Jennifer Sherman, general manager of Chez Panisse, will show and share how it is done!

12:30PM — Kevin Feinstein Foraging
Kevin Feinstein, author of The Bay Area Forager, shares the inside scoop on the local foraging movement, and how to find and use edible wild plants.

1PM — Eric Maundu/Kijani Grows  Introduction to Aquaponics
Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing without soil). In this presentation we will show how aquaponics biomimics nature allowing us to grow fresh orgainic food without soil, bugs, weeds while using only a fraction of the water used in regualar farming.  You’ll also learn how to build a simple urban aquaponics garden.

1:30PM — David Surcamp  Making Bread
In this bread production exhibition, you will see the techniques and finesse employed to produce Pizzaiolo’s heralded house made bread with David Surcamp, the baker himself. The exhibition will cover all the processes from start to finish, including moving over to the CAMP 510 outdoor cob oven for baking.

2:00PM — Nicole Easterday  Ferment ALL THE FOOD!
Did you know that you can ferment almost anything using one simple technique? Aimed at home-scale fermenting, this presentation discusses the benefits of lacto-fermentation, the easy natural process, the appropriate supplies and some very, very tasty ideas! Go home inspired!

2:30PM — Garcia Swiecicki  Ancestral Apothecary
Learn how to use basic garden herbs to make herbal remedies for your personal herbal medicine chest.    We will share recipes for herbal vinegars, tinctures and honeys using fresh and local plants.

3:00PM — Wendy Tremayne The Good Life Lab
The Good Life Lab is the story of how Wendy Tremayne chose to give up life as a consumer of everything to move to rural New Mexico and build a new life from recycled and waste materials, becoming a maker of things that keep her off the grid. This book shows readers how to change their perception of what they can do and empowers them to open up their world to a more creative way of living. It’s time to stop buying and start making!

3:30PM —Christina Bondoc/Barkada Bakery+Cafe Cake Decorating at Home
Learn the basic techniques of cake decorating. Hands-on activities to how to build a layer cake, frosting a cake and piping with buttercream.

4:00PM — Biofuel Oasis  Harvesting Backyard Honey
BioFuel Oasis Urban Farm Store will be uncapping and harvesting honeycomb taken from a backyard beehive in Oakland.

Grandma’s Attic > SWAP-O-RAMA-RAMA

11AM —  Al-li Baird WideI’d Design
Cute and curious original designs all by the hand of an Oakland 8 year old!

12PM — Wendy Tremayne Making a Swap-O-Rama-Rama
Roundtable conversation with Wendy Tremayne, inventor of the Swap-O-Rama-Rama, a good-time textile hacking zone maker activity.

1-4PM – East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse Paper Flower Making
Learn to make Mexican-style tissue paper flowers out of new and reused materials! This hands on eco-art project by the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is great for both kids and adults.

2-4PM – Cedar Casper Make a Jean Purse
Make a jean purse out of recycled jeans. You can bring your own jeans or choose from our collection.


11AM — TOSCA  Join the Oakland Symphony Chorus A La Carte as they journey through musical history via a beloved and familiar tune, as arranged (and re-arranged) by the inimitable Ward Swingle.

1PM — Crow for a Day  Oakland-based traditional string band with a few modern touches.

2PM — East Bay Brass Band   The East Bay Brass Band specializes in mash-ups of your favorite songs done in a New Orleans style. But we also draw upon choice covers, trombone shouts, and our own originals to create a repetoire that will get you dancing!

3PM — The Empty Minded  Bay Area high school alt rock.

4PM — Will Magid  Trumpeter/Producer Will Magid’s live sets are highly energetic and a joyous affair. He will be using his unique style of live looping/sequencing and sampling to mash up original music with dance hits from across the globe, joined by drummer Paul Oliphant.

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