Tuesday’s Prize: MAKE Magazine

Congratulations to Kim Rankin for winning the beautiful earrings from Mani Designs in yesterdays’s drawing!

Today one lucky ticket buyer will get a year’s subscription to the magazine that started it all: Make.  If you don’t know Make, you’re in for a treat.  More like a quarterly book than a magazine, Make is the gold standard for the DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do-it-with-others) crowd.  Inspiring, whimsical, creative, and challenging projects crowd every issue. If it’s bold red and blue logo look familiar, that’s because the publishers of Make are also the producers of the Maker Faire, who have graciously allowed us to extend their “open source” brand to this event.  After Sunday, you’ll be really glad you’re a subscriber.

Buy a ticket by 7 pm today to be entered into the drawing for a one year subscription to Make.

Remember, don’t wait until Sunday to buy, or you’ll pay $5 more per ticket!

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