Just Added: Oakland Soft Rock Choir!

Sunsets and flamingos! The Oakland Soft Rock Choir is going to serenade you at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire!

Oakland Soft Rock Choir will melt your heart with the oh so sweet world of soft rock: the music, the attitude, the love, the heartache, the champagne, the sunsets. OSRC revisits classic tunes you remember deep in your soul, drawn from the glorious repertoire of Air Supply, Journey, Chicago, and the like.

“Gross!” you say? OMG NO! Remember it’s a CHOIR, with arrangements and harmonies and yes it really really works. I promise you will not be able to close your heart to the magic.  hee hee

One response to “Just Added: Oakland Soft Rock Choir!

  1. If you have a schedule, could you please include it on the site? Unless I’ve just failed to find it.

    Small kids take naps, and people with small kids who don’t want to miss, say, the Devil-ettes probably aren’t going to spend all afternoon on site, no matter how much awesomeness there is to see.

    “Subject to change” is fine, but any small gesture towards people who want to plan in advance would be lovely.

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