Repair, Don’t Replace! The Fixit Clinic is Here

As you get ready to come to the Mini Maker Faire tomorrow morning, don’t forget your umbrella, your tickets, and your broken toaster!   That’s right, small appliances that need work have a home at Peter Mui’s Fixit Clinic, where he and his awesome team will help you make it all better, so you don’t have go buy a new one of whatever’s broken, and you learn valuable maker skills.  Here’s what to bring if you’re planning a visit to Peter and crew:

1) your broken or non-working thing (carry-in only: no oversize items)
2) any tools you might already own that you think might be helpful (e.g. phillips head screwdriver)
3) a camera to document the disassembly and what we find inside
4) boxes, bags and/or small containers to organize (and carry away) parts.

The Fixit Clinic is located upstairs in Studio One, the building on the north side of the campus.


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