2013 Makers

2013 East Bay Mini Maker Faire Program CoverSo thrilled to share the 170+ makers OF the 2013 East Bay Mini Maker Faire! An incredible lineup.

Download the program for a map and list of makers.  And be sure to see the schedule page for talks & workshops.


(510) Families & Giant Cardboard Robot

We’ve invited our friends at Giant Cardboard Robots to bring their huge robot arms for kids and parents to try on. Take a picture of yourself with massive limbs!

2×4′ Jenga and Kapla Blocks
Hopi Breton

Have you ever played Jenga or Kapla blocks? Wood plank toys are a child’s form of modular sculpture creations. Here is your chance to play and to create wild modular sculptures at once. We will alternate throughout playing 2×4′ Jenga and simply stacking and building modular sculptural forms. Challenge yourself and build a shelter that you can enter, or suspend a mass of blocks on only 3 points, or create a tall patterned tower. Its up to you.

3DBotic 3D printers MM151 Mendel Max
3DBotic, LLC

We offer 3D printer kits. We offer a Mendel Max variant with our own innovations, such as our exclusive magnetic gate sensor, which no other 3D printer on the market has.

A Slice of Delight
A Slice of Delight

In 2009 I became an “Accidental Entrepreneur”. After 25 years, I transitioned out of my high technology profession into a new and exciting world of soap crafting. My creative juices have been unleashed. I’m really excited and motivated to be on this journey – designing,crafting, packaging, and marketing my soapy art. It’s soap that is fun to use, ruffles your senses and makes you feel good. So Lather Up and Treat Yourself!

Ace Monster Toys
Ace Monster Toys

Ace Monster Toys: The East Bay’s foremost hackerspace.
AMT is a non-profit workshop in Oakland which provides infrastructure and instruction for all sorts of maker projects. We have a woodshop, laser cutter, 3d printers, wood and metal cutting CNCs, sewing machines, electronics equipment, and a whole lot more. We are open to everyone, hold regular classes and events, and you should come and visit!

Alameda County Beekeepers Association
Bee Happy Solutions / Alameda County Beekeepers Association

Alameda County Beekeepers Association is a group of beekeepers who meet monthly at the Rotary Nature Center, 600 Bellevue Ave, Oakland, CA for discussions and lectures on how to be good beekeepers. As beekeepers we harvest honey our bees produce. Sometimes we have surplus honey for sale that helps us offset the expense of keeping bees. Please come visit our booth at the maker fair if you are interested in joining the club, learning about honey bees and bee products or if you want to see the queen.

Ancestral Apothecary
Ancestral Apothecary

Hand-crafted herbal potions and remedies

Art by Robin MacLean
MacLean Custom Screen Printing

Original designs on screen printed apparel for adults, youth and kids. Framed and unframed archival digital prints of vector artwork created in Illustrator.

Art Truck
Gregory Nett

i have an art truck in the theme of steampunk time machine.
decorated from discarded materials.

Arxterra Telerobotic Communities

Arxterra is about building telerobotic communities to bring people together and create a forum for ingenuity and artistic expression. The first step to creating a robotic community is to design open source, low cost robots and a cloud based eco-system in which they can live.
Our current design is our own RObot SCOut or Rosco which is based on the Android/Arduino platforms. This rover can be 3d printed and built for under $200 sans smart phone. A quick download of our Arxrobot app and you will be connected to our servers bringing you together with robots from all over the world to build, create, and explore.

Barry Beams Lighting
Barry Beams Lighting

Change How You See in the Dark!!
The Problem:
Existing portable personal lighting shoots out round beam shapes that are too bright in the middle and too dim on the sides. Then the brain and the eyes adjust to the bright center spot, so you can’t quickly notice objects in your peripheral vision. Competitors’ attempts to solve this problem simply use multiple round beams. These are heavier, larger, and inefficient. That approach can create a larger light field, yet the beam is uncontrolled, casting off huge amounts of wasted light as dangerous glare.
My Solution:
The light you need, the safety you deserve, through miniaturized high resolution LED lighting, with unmatched electrical, optical, and thermal efficiency, giving revolutionary improvements in contrast, depth perception, and overall superior usable visibility, with elegant simplicity in product design, over any previous lighting on the market.

Bay Area Models
Studio for Metropolitan Craft

Design and art business making Bay Area Model kits, lasercut at TechShop in SF. The kits come as packages, and right now we’re making: the Oakland Cranes, Sutro Tower, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bicycle Art Salon
Bicycle Art Salon

Let’s talk about art, bikes, art bikes, and oh … changing the world!

Big Solar Oven – Auto Tracking
David Skillman

This is an appliance-grade, appliance-size, solar oven that can remain outside all year. It reaches over 400 degrees without food in it, and can maintain 325-350 degrees with food. It tracks the sun’s azimuth all day. Tracking is powered by a small photovoltaic panel with special gearing.

Bike Ferris Wheel

Three seater bicycle Ferris Wheel. This is a Ferris Wheel that is propelled by the riders. In front of each seat there are pedals. The riders swing themselves around the ride.

Bike Sim
Lawrence Hall of Science

Design, build, and test a building, public park, or even city block. Construct architectural models and place them onto the bike simulator, which allows you to take a “virtual ride” through the model city.
The bike simulator is a large rotating drum that is powered by a bicycle. A miniature world is constructed on the drum and a mini video camera projects the world onto a large screen as the drum rotates, providing riders a simulated bike ride through the world that they helped build.

Biodegradable Origami Pots
Blake Garden

Make origami pots out of biodegradable newsprint. Add soil, put in seeds and water daily. After they sprout, plant the pot, newspaper and all into the ground. Use an egg carton to hold six pots while they are germinating.

BioFuel Oasis Biodiesel Station and Urban Farm Store
BioFuel Oasis Cooperative

BioFuel Oasis: Local Fuel, Local Bees, Local Farms

Bird of Virtue
Bird of Virtue

Handmade + handpainted layered laser cut wooden jewelry + accessories for men + women.

Bowl Making
Park Day School

Guests will be invited to make a clay bowl by the ring method and donate it to Empty Bowl Project which raises much needed funds for the East Bay Food Bank.
Instruction and materials will be provided.

BPC Maker Club
Black Pine Circle School

Black Pine Circle’s Maker Club explores ways middle school students can use physical computing and 3D printing to make cool stuff!

Bronze Pour Demonstration
Park Day School parents

Demonstration molten bronze pour with Hopi Breton and Dan Romo. The performance is intended as an educational opportunity to learn about the process of making cast bronze sculpture from beginning to end. It will feature mold making from the initial step, to melting bronze in furnace on site, to pouring the molten bronze into mold, and finally to open the mold and clean up the castings. We will also have several pieces that show the lost wax casting process step by step.

Brush Painter
Wesley and Ben Man

Brush painter can paint and create art

Butter Booth
Park Day School

Butter making win small glass baby food jars…kids are invited to eat their butter on bread provided or take it home on a paper plate. Jars are re-cycled to be re-used.

William Weiler Engineering

1″ cubed sized robots that can fight sumo battles, line follow, avoid objects and talk to each other. They are programmed by Arduino software. They are open source and open hardware. They have wheel encoders for navigation and a accelerometer attachment. People can pick them up and look at them. Kids can turn them on and off and play with them.

Cake Decorating at Home
Barkada Bakery + Cafe

Learn the basic techniques of cake decorating. Hands-on activities to how to build a layer cake, frosting a cake and piping with buttercream.


CamDAX projects include Tesla Coil experiments and art, Arduino Toys, Sculptures, home made arc welder, & other various cool projects. He is currently working on his biggest project yet TARDIS Tesla!
Come and check it out and maybe even play with some lightning!

CAMP 510–Art Bikes
CAMP 510

During the Summer of 2013, Camp 510 campers, under the amazing tutelage of Park Day School parent Jennifer Cooper, created a bunch of cool, kid-sized art bikes. We’ll be displaying them and letting kids ride them at the Faire.

Can Cells Learn?
Wallace Marshall

Does thinking require a brain? Individual living cells contain intricate networks of molecules that resemble logic gates, raising the question of how much a single cell might be able to think or compute. In fact, cells can be viewed as intelligent autonomous robots capable, in many cases, of exploring their environment and responding in an adaptive fashion. We wanted to apply tools of behavioral psychology to study the behavior of single free-living cells, and asking whether cell behavior shows any of the same features as animal behavior. Learning has been demonstrated in Stentor coeruleus, a giant single cell that can grow up to 1 millimeter long, which makes it easy to work with. These huge cells are bright blue and swim around in ponds like tiny fish, eating smaller cells as prey.
If you tap a Stentor cell, it contracts into a little ball, and then eventually relaxes and goes back to hunting its prey. But if you keep tapping it over and over, eventually it learns to ignore the tap. This is a form of learning called Habituation, often considered the most basic form of learning in animals. The existence of this behavior in a single cell is tremendously exciting, but it is not easy to study. The problem is that the usual way of testing habituation in Stentor is to tap them with a glass needle. This ends up being really hard to do in a consistent way, and so different people get very different results because they tap with different forces and speeds.
To solve these problems, we built our own machines for testing the behavior of single cells. The first is an Arduino-controlled fully automated Stentor Habituation Device (SHD) in which a tap is generated with an electromagnet under computer control, allowing us to modify the frequency and duration of the taps. The second machine we’re working on now is a Lego Mindstorms based system that uses servo motors to generate the tapping motion. In both cases, we show how low cost DIY solutions can be used to test a fundamental unanswered question in Biology – how much can a single cell think!

Canning Tomatoes
Jennifer Sherman

Want to learn how to “put up” quarts of beautiful summer tomatoes to be used throughout the winter and spring? Come see how it is done!

Center Flee + c4ss4ndr4
Daydream Project

Center Flees are an accelerometer driven, networked LED device, spun like fire poi, making music and light effects. They respond to subtle changes in velocity, making a delicate conversation between performer and technology.
The Arduino powered smart poi use the accelerometer data in multiple ways. The spinning motion is translated into RGB LED values, printing colors at specific points in the rotational arc. Accelerometer data is also transmitted to a computer using XBee Wireless chips, producing sounds with each spin. To change between color sequences, ranging from rainbow to red, blue and green channels, simply drop smart poi while at rest or stall while spinning.
The effect is truly mesmerizing, as witnessed at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013. A visceral combination of motion and light, they are simple to use but difficult to perfect.

Compass Rose Design
Compass Rose Design

An inquiry into the history of clockwork, buttons, keys and other antiques that fit in your palm. Learn why clocks have winders, why pocket watches have chains and why buttons have been collectors items since their production in the 1830s. And explore our wearable heirlooms – all handmade by husband-wife team in the bay area.

Conversation Piece
Howie Katz

Have a round-table conversation with strangers! Speak a topic into the microphone, and five people’s heads will appear to talk about it. This installation searches in real time for the latest tweets about whatever you say, and then projects the faces of the tweeters onto the mannequin heads as their tweets are spoken out loud. The projection comes up through the hole in the center of the table, then off of the mirrors above to arrive exactly where they should.

Counter Culture Labs
Counter Culture Labs

Come extract your own DNA! Counter Culture Labs is a new community lab for the East Bay, focused on Do-It-Yourself biology and citizen science. A place to explore, learn, work on fun projects, tinker with biology and other sciences. Open to biotech professionals, scientists, and citizen scientists of all stripes. Come be part of our community of creative thinkers, hackers and mad scientists! We will have some fun DIYbio projects and demos at the faire. More info at http://www.counterculturelabs.org/ and http://www.meetup.com/Counter-Culture-Labs .

Create your project in an Hour!
Aritifist Robotics

We have designed and fabricated a custom, kit based framing solution for robotics, desktop CNC and 3D printing systems to replace lighter gauge systems. Using our framing solution base we are expanding into several useful desktop projects directions including expandable CNC desktop frames, warm plastic Vacuform systems, large footprint multi-head 3D printers as well as our robotic telepresence, medical transport prototypes and combat robotics platforms.

Crow For Day
Crash Cunningham

We are a traditional style string band with a few modern touches.


Altered bikes and bike rides.


Original artwork hand screen printed t-shirts and tote bags. Handmade felt woodland animal masks.

DIY LED White Lamp

Time to light up your life! Join Make:SF in making your own meter long LED lamp with two rows of 60 bright white LEDs (120 in total). It’s hard to describe how bright these are except that it’s too bright to stare directly at them… Which is why we are including a dimmer and diffuser.
The workshop includes:
1 Meter of LED strip light (120 LEDs) with a “pig tail” to plug in to (2 solder joints required)
1 Meter” of 90 degree aluminum extrusion with a 1/4 round opal matte diffuser with end caps (designed for LEDs)
24V 1A power supply
24V DC dimmer
Add whatever you imagine to make your own stand… or you could use it as bright under cabinet lighting, mount it to a wall, etc. It’s a super fun and functional project. The soldering is just two spots, so we’ll spend most of our time assembling the lamp. (It’s electrical, but not electronic, so no Arduino or programming required.)
The workshop will be only $45 which includes materials, supplies, and instruction.
A fun-for-all-ages event. Children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult.

DIY Whole Grain Chips & Crackers

DIY chips and crackers: Turn junk food into a healthy snack or appetizer

Drones, Planes, and Flying Robots

We’ll be presenting an overview of drones, quadcopters, radio-controlled planes, and other various flying machines. Some of them pilot themselves with GPS control!
We’ll introduce the various types of aircraft, talk about what they’re made of and how they work, and tell you how you can get involved in this interesting hobby.

Duct Tape Swords
Pufferfish Swords

Come and make a sword out of foam and duct tape!

East Bay Brass Band
East Bay Brass Band

East Bay Brass Band is a SF Bay Area, New Orleans-style brass band that specializes in mash-ups of popular artists from Jelly Roll Morton to AC/DC to Raymond Scott to Paula Abdul to Shostakovich to R.E.M. Born in Oakland in May 2011. The band includes members of Blue Bone Express, MJ’s Brass Boppers, Hot Pink Feathers All-Star Marching Band, Roisin Coven, Albino!, Phillip Der Stein, Dr. Abacus, Cyclub, Mercury Falls, Telepathy, and more.

Gyroscope, Inc.


EGChu Handcrafted
Elaine Chu Graphic Design

• Handbound Books
• Greeting Cards
• Sock Creatures
• Duct Tape Wallets
• Jewelry

Electronics Take-Apart and Re-Creation Station
David Otten

Ever wonder how a toaster works? A microwave? A printer? Come take apart your favorite electronics devices to see what makes them tick! We’ll help you identify DC and stepper motors, LEDs, optical sensors, switches, integrated circuits, transformers, heater coils, and many more. Then we’ll bring these building clock components back to life outside of their usual life support systems. Once you get the hang of it, you can combine them in new and exciting ways. We’ll teach you how to solder them into your own never-before-seen invention!

e-textiles with the Crafty Avenger
The Crafty Avenger

Work with a variety of textiles and electronic components to create small projects that light up! Project include patches, small plushies and more.
The Crafty Avenger and her trusty crew (Team Awesome) will be on hand to guild you though the projects.
Suitable for kids 10 and up. All project include hand sewing. All the projects are free to participants thanks to community sponsorship and the nice folks at companies like Sparkfun.com

FARMcurious – to educate, inspire & equip the urban homesteader

FARMcurious endeavors to teach the community to ferment, brew, can, make cheese, grow veggies and live sustainably. Chat with one of our booth members about your questions and projects and then pick up the supplies you need to get it done!

Ferement ALL THE FOOD!

Did you know that you can ferment almost anything using one simple technique? Aimed at home-scale fermenting, this presentation discusses the benefits of lacto-fermentation, the easy natural process, the appropriate supplies and some very, very tasty ideas! Go home inspired!

Field Day
Field Day

I transformed my Toyota Warrior Motor home and turned it in to a Hand made boutique. The “Warrior” was made using all reclaimed materials and features “field day” our hand made sustainable clothing line .


Working in resin and edibles and miniature edibles (that are rendered non edible), FiggyPudding candy sprinkle jewelry is fun for all ages!

FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics
Terra Nova Robotics

Three FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) robotics teams will demonstrate their robots on a competition playing field. FTC is a world-wide competitive high school robotics league. Attendees of all ages will be allowed to drive one of their robots.

Five Flavors Herbs
Five Flavors Herbs

Five Flavors Herbs is a local herb shop and manufacturer of fine herbal products. We also host a wide variety of classes and workshops on herbal medicine and natural health. As avid medicine-makers, we are enthusiastic about sharing skills for self-healing with our community!

Five Ton Crane
Five Ton Crane

Five Ton Crane (5TC) is a diverse group of artists, geeks and inventors from the San Francisco Bay Area. The name implies the intention: 5TC does the heavy lifting that the individual artist couldn’t do on their own; by pooling resources, interests and talent to create opportunities for bigger, better and bolder Art.

Fixit Clinic
Fixit Clinic

Bring your broken, non-functioning things: electronics, appliances, computers, toys, etc. for assessment, disassembly, and possible repair. We’ll provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance to help you disassemble and troubleshoot your item. Whether we fix it or not, you’ll learn more about how it was manufactured and how it worked. This is a family-friendly event: children are heartily invited!

Foraging with Kevin Feinstein
Kevin Feinstein

Get a inside scoop on the local foraging movement from Kevin Feinstein, author of The Bay Area Forager.

Forge a Tomahawk from a leaf spring
Bohemian Blacksmith

Joseph Karr is a 25 year professional steel fabricator, sculptor and artist blacksmith. His projects include: public art, furniture, architectural embellishments, and authentic, forged weapons, tools, and armor. Joseph lives and works in Oakland.


New life for old stuffies!
We’ve been lovingly re-assembled by hand from cleaned, recycled and, um, dismembered stuffed animals.

Free Radio Berkeley
Free Radio Berkeley

Founded in 1993, Free Radio Berkeley has been instrumental in helping to to create an ever growing micropower broadcasting movement to liberate the airwaves and break the corporate broadcast media’s stranglehold on the free flow of news, information, ideas, cultural and artistic creativity.
From the beginning, Free Radio Berkeley applied the DIY/Maker ethos to the creation of low power, low cost community broadcast stations by offering FM & TV broadcast transmitter kits and related equipment, technical support and training classes/workshops.
Currently, Free Radio Berkeley provides a wide range of broadcast equipment in both kit and assembled form along with classes and workshops programs.

Free Utopian Projects
Free Utopian Projects

Free Utopian Projects is an ongoing series of curated socially interactive installations offering free objects. Each project focuses on the economy, the environment and building community. For the 2013 East Bay Mini Maker Faire we are offering free alternative art materials and a chance for people to make art with the items provided.

Geocaching 101
Lily Lew

Ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Well now you can! There are over one million containers called geocaches hidden all over the world. That means the chances are really good that one is close to you right now. All you need are the coordinates and some hints at http://www.geocaching.com and a GPS device to get to the coordinates, usually a smart phone.
See how many unofficial geocaches you can find dispersed among the faire. For the Maker in you, inspiration from the faire will give you new ideas for making and stashing your own secret containers that you make for you and your friends. The Geocaching 101 booth aims to provide education, responsibility and creativity for those interested in applying their treasure hunting skills. We explain map information, terrain, safety, environmental concerns and geocaching etiquette.
The ultimate treasure hunt is on: Come and join the fun.


Come make a Glovetopus, a stuffed octopus made from a pair of gloves. We’ll show you how to make your own cuddly friend from a pair of gloves and a bit of fluff.
The activity is free and we provide all the materials. Children under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult.

Grow Your Own Spirulina!

In just one sunny window, you can grow enough Spirulina to supplement your diet every day! Spirulina microalgae is rich in protein and antioxidants; set up is quick and easy, and harvesting takes only a few minutes a day. It’s more productive, less work, and smaller than a veggie patch, and you can wow your friends with your bubbling green stuff…
Dr. Baum, NASA algae scientist and author of “Grow Your Own Spirulina Superfood: A Simple How-To Guide”, will be making hands-on demonstrations of growth and harvest techniques.

Hacker Scouts
Hacker Scouts

Hacker Scouts provides STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) for children 5-14. Hacker Scout Guilds and Open Labs focus on hands-on activities with a high level of mentoring. Through our core values we encourage skill-building, community and family engagement, and the development of a strong moral character and leadership.

Hands-on Arduino Made Easy
Vaughn Khouri

Come explore the world of Arduino for kids by kids…test out simple, build, and re-build simple machines that sense motion, light, distance, temperature, and other things, then take action driving motors, lights, solenoids, and anything else we can come up with. Come check out the machines and make changes to them for others!


An inclusive family friendly hackerspace forming in Hayward, CA to meet the needs of all those living in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Newark, Union City, Fremont and Milpitas.

Henna Tattoos
Chris Hecker

Everybody loves henna !


3D animations, viewed without glasses, in free space. Volumetric display projecting spatial cartoons, abstract visuals and autostereoscopic movies, interacting with sound.

HoneyBee 3d printing store and classes

Grand Opening: HoneyBee3d printing store in Montclair/Oakland!!
Want to learn about 3d printing? Want to go home after the class with a 3D printed object? Then take one of the classes offered at HoneyBee3D retail printing store! We offer several classes from beginner to advance…age 8 and up…as well as 3D printing services.
No experience required! You just need an imagination and be a maker at heart!

HSMM-Pi: Mesh Networking with Raspberry Pi
Scott Kidder

The Raspberry Pi is a cost-effective, highly-accessible platform that can be used to create wireless mesh networks. The HSMM-Pi project makes it easy to turn a Pi into a mesh network node capable of routing traffic and serving as an Internet gateway to other nodes. Mesh networks have been used extensively in scientific, military, and emergency response settings because of their fault-tolerance, easy setup, and relatively low infrastructure requirements. Come see how to build and configure a wireless mesh network built with the Raspberry Pi.

Hula Hoop Extravaganza
Hoop play

Hoop dance, performance, workshop

Hummus Apparel
Hummus Apparel

We are the makers of the Booyah Belt. A redesigned belt that allows you to mix and match and endless possibility of colors and breeze through airport security. Now you can simply take off your buckle, and leave your belt on!
We are an Oakland-based company and we make our straps in downtown Oakland. Our buckles are manufactured in San Jose.

Instrument Petting Zoo with Oakland East Bay Symphony
Oakland East Bay Symphony

The Oakland East Bay Symphony education team brings our Instrument Petting Zoo, small musical ensembles, and “Body Music” interludes to the Faire. The Instrument Petting Zoo gives curious children of all ages a hands-on experience with wind and string instruments, and our team will give demos and engage with families while they explore the instruments. You will hear classical chamber music performances throughout the day, and audience members may interact with our performers by playing along with selected music. An Oakland Symphony Chorus member will lead the “Body Music” interludes and show people how to make music using the one instrument you always have with you: your body! Judith will lead you in making songs using the voice, hands, feet, maybe even your teeth and fingernails!
The Oakland East Bay Symphony education team will also share information about our upcoming education programming.
Oakland East Bay Symphony brings together orchestral music, choral music, and youth education to strengthen the East Bay community by providing quality live performances, and education for lifetime enrichment.

Intergalactic Imagination Transporter
GREGO nett

A steampunk time machine created with recycled materials. You can create entire worlds from that which we discard.

IOIO Projects including PIXEL LED Art
Open Gadgets

A showcase of projects leveraging the IOIO board. IOIO is a development board specially designed for Java developers looking to add advanced hardware I/O to Android and PC applications. Using IOIO’s high level Java API, you can use external I/O in the same way you’d write any Java app without needing to know any low level firmware programming!
PIXEL is an LED wall or desktop display that allows you to send animations and images from an Android device or Windows PC. Kickstarted in March 2013, PIXEL consists of an acrylic frame that houses a programmable, 32-by-32 LED matrix array (quick math: that’s 1,024 RGB LEDs), providing ample room to serve as your digital canvas for creating pixel art.

Julia Morgan School for Girls Engineering Programs
Julia Morgan School for Girls

Be inspired by girl-designed speed boats and balsa bridges. Learn about the process and try it out at home. Meet the JMSG robotics team and learn about the First Lego League competition. Tinker with Lego robots and motors and try out a Lego Mindstorms tutorial.

Junkyard Couture

Edgy clothing and accessories made from salvaged materials like truck and bike inner tubes, leather scraps, and discarded clothing. You can buy an Upcycled Belt Kit, learn how to size it and apply the hardware, and walk away with a super eco-friendly belt!

Kimonomomo LLC

New and vintage Japanese textiles including kimono, kasuri, katazome, Sashiko, Shibori, silk and cotton. Give Sashiko a try and learn a centuries-old technique for surface embellishment.


Laserbuilt is a small Bay Area laser engraving and cutting company. We make it easy and convenient for you to laser cut your visions.

Learn How To Make Glass Beads!
Nightside Studios

Learn the secrets of the Venetian Masters! Using a flame of over 4000 degrees, we will melt glass and form it into stunning beads before your very eyes.Round beads, tubular and sculptural beads (especially monsters and horses) are featured.

LED Tutu
Lighthouse Community Charter School

Come try out our LED Tutu!
It integrates crafting and electronics and results in a tutu that lights up as you move. We used an accelerometer to control an array of LEDs so that they will light as you dance. All components are connected to an Arduino. The tutu was created by tying strips of tulle to an elastic waistband. We displayed this project last year at the Bay Area Maker Faire as part of the Lighthouse Community Charter School Makers program.

Lee’s Haven Jewelry
Lee’s Haven

Lee’s Haven is handmade Abalone and Shell jewelry. Lee also makes sculptural abalone hangings. Lee is a Mendocino artist, and much of the abalone is collected and cut on the Mendocino and Trinidad coast.


LEGOJEEP is a unique canvas for artistic expression that builds communities as all ages share blocks and stories while different patterns, structures, and messages are created. The LEGOJeep was started via a material grant by LEGO and the Mindstorms group in 1997.

Linden Street Brewery
Linden Street Brewery

Linden Street Brewery – Brewing an Oakland Renaissance at pouring at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire
Situated in a historic 1890′s brick warehouse in the Port of Oakland, Linden Street Brewery is focused on bringing a lost tradition back to Oakland in a way that honors beer styles native to the West Coast and contributes to the revitalization of this beautiful city and it’s people. We’re up to the challenge of making this city great and are digging in for the long haul. ARE YOU IN?
You will find our beers on draft only as we are committed to growing our brewery by supporting the fine bars, restaurants, and gathering places of our community first and foremost.

Nahid Alam

LitHouse – a cloud OS for internet of things. Our solution manages the identity & state of IoT devices, exposes those devices through uniform APIs. The users can control the apps and devices through a dashboard.
Hands-on activity: Moving a robot through the Cloud OS infrastructure.

Little Bits and Little Pieces
claire b cotts art

Jewelry crafted from bits and pieces of collected ephemera.
Old coins, tokens, buttons, beads, stamps, transformed into one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry.
Hands On -Make a penny into a pendant for a necklace.
Plus illustrated children’s books!

Live Better Through Sewing!
Better Living Through Sewing

Live Better Through Sewing Mini-Workshops
Intro to Machine Workshop –Learn how to thread the machine, what the different parts of the machine are for, and earn your hands-on sewing badge! (hands-on, 5 machines provided), 30 minutes
Beginner Sewing Workshop –How to pin fabric together for easy sewing, marks you can make on your machine to help sew a straight seam, hands-on tutorials on sewing straight seams and curves, turning corners, finishing and pressing a seam (hands-on, 5 machines provided), 30 minutes
Machine Maintenance Demonstration –Learn how to oil and clean your machine to keep it running smoothly (demo), 20-30 minutes
Stitch & Attachment Workshop –Learn to use different stitches and attachments to do extra-cool things with your machine (demo with potential for hands-on), 30-40 minutes
Fabric Recycling Demo –Learn how to recycle items such as jeans and sweaters, and different techniques to make new fabric from scraps (demo, limited hands-on), 30 minutes

MadeSolid Inc
MadeSolid, Inc

We develop high quality resin polymers for 3D printing purposes. While we do not develop printers on our own, we plan to have printers on display that use the resin, along with numerous resin 3D printed objects.
In addition to the booth showcasing the materials, we would like to host a workshop that shows kids how 3D printing with lasers work. We have kits on our site that include a printing vat, a 5mw laser, and safety glasses. The workshop will likely include showing kids and makers how to add their own pigments to create their own custom colored resin, then teach them how interaction with the laser hardens the liquid resin into a plastic.

Make A Jean Purse
Cedar Casper

You will be making a jean purse out of recycled jeans. You can bring your own jeans or choose from our collection.

Make a tiny tool box with NIMBY
NIMBY space

Our NIMBY volunteers will introduce you to the very basic sheet metal fundamentals. We have kid sizes safety gear to start things of right. We will walk you threw cutting, bending and welding your very own tin tool box. We hope this introduction will inspire young minds to recognize there ability to create anything they can put their minds to.

Make Your Own Yarn With A CD Spindle
Spindles & Flyers

Learn an age-old art and make your own yarn out of sheep’s wool with a simple CD drop spindle from Spindles & Flyers, one of the Bay Area’s oldest fiber arts organizations.

Maker Ed/ CoLab Tinkering Bike Trailer Mobile Tinkering Workshop: Air Launched Creations
Maker Education Initiaitve/CoLab Tinkering

This Bike trailer mobile tinkering workshop is made with less than $80 in materials, using mostly two and four foot dimensions for construction and material convenience. It is based on a surplus aluminum extensions ladder, which provides a light weight and rigid platform, while allowing for a pull-out drawer/ extendible work surface.
The mobile workshop can be stocked with a variety of tools and materials. For this Faire, it features materials to invite compressed air-launched creations made from paper, tape, straws and streamers.

Making in the Classroom
Maker Education Initiative

What does making look like in the classroom? Come hear from a panel of teachers and educators who will share how they incorporate making into their classes, and how making is increasingly transforming education.
This panel will be moderated by Steve Davee, Director of Education and Communications for the Maker Education Initiative, headquartered in Oakland, CA.

Team Kick Me

From combat bots to art bots, bots are here to stay. This is a display of the electrical, mechanical, structural, and aesthetic nature of these incredible mini marvels.

Monster Dream Pillow
Sticky Art Lab

Use scrap fabric and simple sewing to piece together a sweet little creature, add button eyes, and fill with lavender for a good night’s sleep, or place in your drawer for good smelling socks!

Montclair 4H Club
Montclair 4H

Displays and hands on activities representing Montclair 4H club and our various projects.

Mosaic trivets
City of Paris Studios -Mosaics, Tile & Design

Repurposed materials made into Art! We’ve broken up ceramics collected from a local tile contractor and seperated them by color to make abstract designs on our pre cut bases. Put on the eye protection, hear the sharp shatter as you break tiles with a hammer, Plan and layout origional fesigns onto backer board pre-cut squares, put on rubber gloves and mix cement adhesive to glue, wait a minute for Fast setting cement to dry and then grout the trivet to fill in the spaces in between. It’s fun to create your origional designs for use as a Hot Plate, Coaster or wall piece.
Let us spark your ideas- think farthur into designs to make tables, wall sconces… It’s just a taste of what we teach you and you can sign up to do in our Mosaic Workshops at City of Paris Studios in West Oakland.

Mothership Hacker Moms
Mothership Hacker Moms

Design a Día de los Muertos art project with the premier hackerspace for women.

Nature’s Technology
East Bay School for Boys

This interactive exhibit will explore biomimicry as a tool for addressing social and environmental challenges. It will illustrate the boys’ learning in design, innovation, science, and civic engagement.

Nerdy Derby
Park Day School

Create your own creative, innovative race car to launch down our undulating 30 foot track, made by students at Park Day School.

New World Mosaics
New World Mosaics

Ceramic tile mosaics.

Nimby Powerwheels

Nimby’s winning entry for the Powerwheels race at Maker Faire San Mateo. Tilt-A-Hurl is a carnival inspired ride fun for all ages.

Non-Terrestrial Arms
Non-Terrestrial Arms

Peter Miro is an award-winning model maker & self-taught assemblagist who builds large-scale space warships from re-purposed materials. These detailed vessels are a homage to cinema production design, hard science-fiction novels, space operas as well as the myriad found objects enlisted in their design-often salvaged from urban waste streams, flea markets & thrift shops. Each vessel is a unique amalgam of its constituent parts–creating fantasy immersion for the observer. Non-Terrestrial Arms are products of a culture saturated with obsolescence–turned mother ships taking flight.

Nous Savons
Nous Savons

Our clothing and jewelry is the type of thing that might happen if you locked up Martha Stewart, Mata Hari, and Rasputin in an attic for 50 years.

Oakland Hand Made
Oakland Hand Made

Oakland Hand Made is a studio workshop for youth and adults interested in DIY craft. We offer classes in textiles – sewing, embroidery, printing, stenciling, crochet, knitting – as well as book making, collage, and other craft techniques. At East Bay Mini Maker Faire I would like to offer sewing demos and a hands-on activity. The hands-on activity will be for participants to make panels for a prayer flag/wish banner which they can take home or contribute to a communal project that will be displayed at the booth. The hands-on activity will incorporate fabric markers and stitching.

Oakland Makers
Oakland Makers

Oakland Makers specializing in the industrial arts, artisan production, custom manufacturing and education have galvanized as a group to:
- GROW Oakland’s diverse creative economy,
- PROMOTE the visibility of Oakland’s manufacturing and industrial arts,
- SUSTAIN the ability of these sectors to operate and thrive.
Oakland Makers is working to build our collective voice, and we need your help. Just click here to sign up for our list, or visit: http://eepurl.com/CuZff

Obtainium Works
Obtainium Works

Obtainium Works, known for their steampunk inspired vehicles such as the Neverwas Haul, LB&O Trolley, and the Mad Hatter Teapot will be exhibiting Islas, the Mechanical Horse. Named for Mare Island off the city of Vallejo, home of Obtainium Works, Islas is a life-size hobby horse designed and built by Shannon O’Hare and his crew.

Open Oakland: Hacking our City

Code for America is a national non-profit that believes that government can work for the people, by the people, in the 21st century. The core premise is that each of us can help “make” our cities and our communities. And it started right here in Oakland. Oakland has been leading the country in the “civic hacking” movement with OpenOakland, an organization of technologists, journalists, and city staff collaborating to build a better Oakland using open civic web technologies. After you’ve made your metalwork, robots, laser printed doodads, and textiles, come learn how to make the city you live in.

Paper Bead Making
Carol Tanenbaum Designs

Make paper beads with colorful calendar and magazine pages. Then construct a necklace with the beads you’ve made.

Paper Flower Making
East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse

Learn to make Mexican-style tissue paper flowers out of new and reused materials! This hands on eco-art project by the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is great for both kids and adults.

Paper Punk

Paper Punk is the love child of Mr. Lego and Ms. Origami. Use your hands to transform 2D sheets of brightly patterned paper into 3D masterpieces with a few simple folds. Come get your creativity on!

Parable Puzzles

A story that comes to life through beautiful art, fashioned into a game you can play. Created from solid hardwood with original art on the front and back.
Inspired Globally, Crafted Locally, Designed Ethically.
Our puzzles span all ages, with intricate mandalas engraved directly into the wood on one side and a full color illustrated short story on the other. Complete with an elegant frame for display and a canvas carrying bag, silk screened with the text of the short story on it. Family friendly and art appreciator certified!

Pen Pop Print Shop
Julie Crossman

Pen Pop Press Shop is a pop-up printers’ shop. Print a poster of your own design using fallen leaves and found objects. Learn about some of the tools and techniques of printing and press-work. Create your own methods and innovations using our materials. Help us hack together a printing press! Contribute your poster to the gallery or take it home.

Personal Trebuchets
Laney College Career Technical Education

A trebuchet is a medieval siege engine. This type of catapult was originally used in battle to conquer entire cities from outside their walls. What would you do with a trebuchet that could could fit on your desk?
Last summer, a group of high school students found out. They built their own personal trebuchets using physics, chemistry, and professional machinery in the Carpentry, Woodworking, Machining and Welding departments at Laney College.

Pioneers in Engineering
Pioneers in Engineering

Pioneers in Engineering is a UC Berkeley student organization that provides a quality STEM learning experience for students in underserved Bay Area high schools. Our primary services are a year-long mentorship program called Prep and an annual 8-week robotics competition. For just $100 per team, we provide a robotics kit that’s fully designed and developed in-house, as well as trained college student mentors for each team.

Pixel Shifter
Josh Coolidge

Select a photo!
Change the color levels!
Watch your image become AMAZING!

Play with Fire: High Striker
Sheet Metal Alchemist

The high striker is an update on the strong man carnival game of old! The harder you hit the strike plate with the striking hammer, the more fire cannons are activated – test your strength with fire!

Ponga what you Make

Ponga is a better way to talk about things you make. Ponga uses rich media tagging in pictures to connect ideas, resources and references to the things you can see – the things you make. With Ponga, users tag an image with content, chat and other applications, then share it with anyone.
As makers we put a little bit of ourselves into everything we make. At the East Bay Mini Maker Faire we will create Ponga pictures for you to show off what you’ve made at the faire, and let the picture tell your story. Ponga pictures, including all of the links and comments, can be posted to social media or shared with anyone. Post it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, or embed it in your own website or blog.

Psychic Typist
The Psychic Typist

Typing fortunes for kids and adults.

Jared Benson

The robot uprising is smaller than you think. Pxlbots are pixel-based robot stickers, custom designed and hand built by Bay Area designer Jared Benson. Construct your own robot with our interactive Pxlbot Maker and we’ll print it for you while you wait!

Re-Purpose with Purpose
25th Street Collective OaklandSewn

Oakland Sewn, a worker-owned sewing cooperative housed in the 25th Street Collective, will work with you to transform existing clothing or fabric into new, fabulous items from our patterns or your imagination. We encourage you to make a second item to donate to our young friends at Oakland Elizabeth House through our “Re-Purpose with Purpose” program.

Richmond Art Center: Learn the Art of Fold-Forming
Richmond Art Center

A combination of origami and traditional metalworking, fold-forming creates three-dimensional forms by continuously hammering, folding, forging and annealing a thin sheet of metal.

Rock Paper Scissors Collective–Screen Prints
Rock Paper Scissors Collective

RPS Collective (will be sending more description soon) will set up a screen printing workshop hands-on activity for attendees with a Halloween theme

338.oakland creations

seaGrass consists of a field of thirty 30’ tall towers. The towers are articulated to react to wind and participant input by swaying and self centering. Each tower is also strung with high output, full color LEDs. The LED patterns can be influenced by sound (you can talk to them and they’ll respond in surprising ways) and physical input (walk up to them, make them sway or shake and see what happens). Each tower also has a radio so that we can communicate with them to create coordinated full color extremely dynamic patterns.

Seed Bombs
Orange Door Properties

Orange Door Properties and Park Day School volunteers will teach you how to make seed bombs–small, balls of clay, compost and native, drought-resistant seeds that you can make and then launch into abandoned and blighted spaces like freeway medians, empty lots…or even your own yard!

Sharing Shuttle:Cohousing Coach
East Bay Cohousing

Hop on board the Sharing Shuttle, the cooperatively-steered-and-pedalled tandem recumbent “bicycar” for low-speed conversations about community. Your Cohousing Coach, East Bay Cohousing co-organizers Raines Cohen and Betsy Morris, will help you plan your journey to sustainable community, experiencing cooperative decisionmaking. Learn about the D-I-Y movement in Oakland-Berkeley area to co-create our neighborhoods and share more in our lives.

Sima’s Handmade Creations
Sima Fabricant

Handmade Wearable Art & Accessories

Smart Aquaponics
kijani grows

Aquaponics gardens use bacteria to breakdown fish waste into nutrients that are used to grow plants without soil in a recirculating water system. Aquaponics can be used in urban or rural settings where traditional gardens cannot be setup. It is generally productive, health, organic and uses very little resources. Smart Aquaponics allows the modern farmer to garden from anywhere in the world using the internet for monitoring and remote control.

Star Wars Intelligence Tester
Convelescence Club

This inter-active exhibit uses the principle of “photon reflections”
Use of highly reflective surfaces inside a dark chamber allow light rays to travel in desired directions. This principle can be used in several Environment-friendly Designs to save Solar Energy.
The intelligence tester is designed as a Quiz to reach correct light path and reveal answers related to “Star wars”

Story Lamps

A geodesic lamp frame that allows anybody to make a custom skin using anything from crayon drawings on paper, to knitting, to 3D printed buildings.
The Story-Lamp skeleton allows triangles of paper, or nearly any other material, to be added to the beach-ball sized lamp, so that users can show their own story, through whichever medium they prefer (2d drawings, 3D prints, sculpture, knitting, Arduino programming, etc.)
We’ll have supplies out so that visitors can make their own lamp “skins” with paper/crayons/markers/scissors, etc. We’ll also bring piles of “Tiny Tinks”, the paper-board construction toys that kept kids playing at our booth for hours at the Bay Area Maker Faire this spring.

Stuff That Goes
Stavros Boutris

We love stuff that goes! Our exhibit includes a handmade go-kart, wacky bikes and remote-controlled, high-speed 1/10 scale vehicles. We encourage all kids to try out our wacky bikes.

Christopher Schardt

3′ spheroid filled with tangled LED strips. Each LED is mapped to a 2D screen so that video and other images can be played on the spheroid.


Danny Scheible is a Sacramento-based artist. His goal is to create art that pushes the limits of his materials and removes barriers between individuals and art.
Tapigami is an interactive, ever expanding, self generating, social sculpture and art installation. It is designed to recreate and redefine the way in which we interact with daily life and art.
Tapigami is an ever changing mandala of shapes and sculptures. Tapigami teaches you though personal and written instruction how to create Tapigami, and then allows and encourages you to place you own creation inside of the exhibit. It allows you to become the art.
Tapigami current incarnation exists in the form of 100,000 tape sculptures 7,000 wire hangers covered with recycled fabrics, a ball pit of cable tie sculptures and on tree of gnowledge made from cut text books.

Temescal InSitu
Temescal Insitu

Temescal InSitu is a community art project that combine poetry and visual art. 13 installations pieces are scattered through the Temescal neighborhood. Folks can pick up a map at the Temescal library or print one from our web sight and walk through the neighborhood seeing art and reading poetry. We have turned our neighborhood into an art gallery! Come to our booth to learn more about the project and make a piece of your own.

The Chicken Palace
Tim O’Reilly

OK, I know it’s usually called a chicken coop. We had one of these, but it wasn’t big enough to leave the chickens in for long stretches while we are traveling. And besides, when we let the chickens out, they ravaged the garden. Solution: a coop and run big enough for the chickens to live in full time, without them feeling, well, cooped up. Tim O’Reilly will share design and construction tips, covering such topics as how to keep rats out, how to manage the chicken sh*t, and how to make convenient, accessible nesting boxes.

The Crucible
The Crucible

The Crucible is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts education organization that fosters a collaboration of arts, industry, and community. Through training in the fine and industrial arts, The Crucible promotes creative expression, reuse of materials, and innovative design, while serving as an accessible arts venue for the general public in the Bay Area.

The Cyclocarder
Felt the Sun

The Cyclocarder is a bicycle-based machine for brushing out wool to prepare it for spinning or felting. It is an efficient, ergonomic, and portable equipment based on any old step-over frame and completed with repurposed and customized parts. I have been perfecting the design for thee years and there are eight Cyclocarders in the world.
There are many ranches in the greater Bay Area that produce fine sheeps wool in a range of colors. Hand-made wool felt is an excellent material for clothing, bedding, hats, purses, and
At this booth you can ride the Cyclocarde and practice making felted balls of wool.

The Empty Minded
Niko Darci-Maher

We are a Bay Area high school rock band called The Empty Minded.
Niko Darci-Maher, Oliver van Moon, Luke Maier, and Sông-An Stewart.

The Enchanted Square
The Enchanted Square

Come experience Enchanted Squares hats and accessories. Try out a pattern and ask Ruth for tips on how to improve your crochet.

The Good Life Lab
Wendy Tremayne

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne, creator of Swap-O-Rama-Rama, discusses her book, The Good Life Lab: Radical Experiments in Hands-On Living. Stop consuming and start making!


Camp 510 presents Riveropolis…
Adults and children are invited to create an island temple, tree, boat or just play with the THE RIVER THAT TIME FORGOT.

The Rocket Booth
Benjamin Smith

We make rockets out of paper and masking tape and shoot them 100 feet in the air.

The Sense of Things
Chris Jefferies

Sensors can track temperature, light, gases, presence in your home. Learn how to build your own inexpensive wireless sensor network using Raspberry Pi, xBee, and Python to track sensor data and store it on the web.

The Tea Engine
Katherine Becvar

The Tea Engine is a robotically-controlled tea service which allows the user to select how she wishes her tea to be served by selecting the appropriate numeral from the dial. The Tea Engine was built from an antique silver-plated coffee percolator from the mid-1920s. Although the percolator requires 110V AC to heat the water and brew the tea, the tea, milk, and sugar valves only require 12V from a small battery hidden under the base of the sugar bowl. Any type of tea may be brewed; however, the Tea Engine can only serve one type of tea at a time (our preference is for Earl Grey). The serving of tea is controlled by an antique rotary telephone dial (originally a telephone lineman’s testing unit). Rotary telephones work by sending a number of electrical pulses corresponding to the number that one dials. An Arduino microcontroller, a popular open-source microcontroller platform designed for prototyping and tinkering, is concealed inside the telephone dial. The Arduino chip reads the number of pulses dialed, and sends a signal to serve tea, milk, or sugar. The tea, milk, and sugar unit each have an electrically-controlled solenoid valve which is restricting the liquid from pouring out. When the valve receives a signal from the Arduino, it opens for a set number of seconds to dispense the proper amount of tea, milk, or sugar.

The Tiny Splendor Traveling Gallery
Tiny Splendor

Tiny Splendor is a small publishing collective of 30+ artists based in the Bay Area and L.A. Our goal is creating alternative gallery spaces and making art accessible and affordable. We produce work in traditional print media and on our Risograph. Mostly, Tiny Splendor is about creating a fun experience and getting inspired by our friends.


Hands-on demonstration and information on instruments built with made and found materials from some of the most exciting Bay Area artists and inventors.

Tile Art

Free! Come paint a tile! We will fire it at Brushstrokes and it will be ready for pick up in a week at Brushstrokes. Pre-fired tiles will be available for a group mosaic project happening at the booth too!

TOSCA presents Music History 101
Oakland Symphony Chorus / TOSCA

TOSCA is The Oakland Symphony Chorus A la carte, the small music ensemble of the Oakland Symphony Chorus. Join us as we journey through musical history via a beloved and familiar tune, as arranged (and re-arranged) by the inimitable Ward Swingle. You’ll learn the differences between Gregorian Chant, a Medieval Round, a Madrigal, a Bach Chorale, a Schubert Lied along with many other vocal styles — including Jazz and Rap — so get ready to sing along with us . . . a la TOSCA!

Touching the Ages
The Journal of Irreproducible Results

I’m collecting rocks from every geological epoch to show the first touchable Geological Column. I’ll ask people about the most effective, touchable ways to show them off. Separately, as last year, I’m selling my library, and copies and subscriptions to The Journal of Irreproducible Results, the science humor magazine, which I run.

Trackers Earth: Berkeley
Trackers Earth

At Trackers we offer courses in outdoor lore and traditional skills. We are champions of land and village; we are navigators of an epic world that needs to exist. In our community we Remember the celebration of hearth, family and a timeless human story. Our labor, profits, joys and hopes are directed to generating resources that help create a village of healthy and happy people connected to the land, family and community.

Tree House Felt
Tree House Felt

Felt Couture and Fiber Arts.
Wool, mohair, silk, hemp, bamboo, cotton felted together using the ancient technique of wet felting. I make a variety of garments and accessories including jackets, vests, hats, scarves and personal items such as blankets, pillow covers and more.

Amit Shoham

A unique electronic percussion instrument, the Trum employs many sensors and uses sophisticated software sound synthesis. Like a cross between a drum and a Theramin, the Trum can even sense the player’s hands in the air when they are not touching the instrument, providing unique expressive capabilities.

Type A Machines
Type A Machines

Type A Machines designs and manufactures 3D printers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We’ve been selling machines around the world since 2012, but we love the SF Bay where our core group of maker customers resides.
Don’t know what a 3D printer is? There’s a huge amount of people still curious to get exposure to 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and digital design, and we’ll be giving people introductions to all of these topics.
This year, for fun and education, visitors to the Type A Machines booth will be able to go hands on and control a modified Series One 3D printing machine, with a modified 3d printed joystick control

Urban Fruit Trees
Molly Goulet Bolt, Arborist

Visit us to learn how to care for the fruit trees in your yard. Growing food is simple, cheap, and radical. Draw a plan of your garden, and we’ll help you decide the best places to put (or move) your trees. We can also answer your questions about fruit quality, pests, installation, irrigation and selection. We’re here because the best fruit is the stuff you pick yourself.

Walking Pod
Scott Parenteau

This is a Buckminster Fuller dome and Theo Jensen leg inspired walking machine. It has 12 legs and is 12′ tall 12′wide and 12′ long.

Waller Leather
Sam Waller

Waller Leather has been bringing the art of leather craft to adults and youth in the East Bay for two years. Sam Waller regularly teaches classes at The Crucible as well as various camps in the bay area. Come by and check out some traditional leatherwork and maybe learn a few tricks of the trade for yourself!

We Dream in Motion – Community Paper Quilt
Oakland Museum of California

What is your BIG Dream for your community? In this fun interactive art activity, participants will learn to create and design paper quilts utilizing stencils and stop motion technology. Stop motion animation involves manipulating objects one frame at a time to give the illusion that the object is moving. OMCA will provide all the necessary objects and technology, as well as staff, to allow audience to create a stop motion animation.

Weaving Demonstration
April Gavin

A Demonstration of Multiple Types of Weaving

What is Upcycling?
Jana Ballinger

Upholstery fabric samples destined for the landfill get rescued and reused as the raw material for a unique line of tote bags and zipper purses. Just Sew Jana shows you how!

WideI’d Design
Ai-li Baird

Cute and curious original designs all by the hand of an Oakland 8 year old!


Here at WikiSeat, we make DIY three legged seats a reality for thousands of students around the world.

Will Magid
Will Magid

Trumpeter/Producer Will Magid’s live sets are highly energetic and a joyous affair. He will be using his unique style of live looping/sequencing and sampling to mash up original music with dance hits from across the globe, joined by drummer Paul Oliphant.

Woodblock Printmaking
Ayu Tomikawa

Original Woodblock Printmaking and Handmade Art and Craft

Zero to Maker

A story of going from Maker Faire newbie to maker entrepreneur in just a few years. Full of advice for learning the lingo, tools, and techniques. If you’re not sure where you fit in with the whole maker thing – start here.

Zoetrope Activity
Oakland School for the Arts

Create the illusion of motion pictures from fast moving still images.
We will teach all about the persistence of vision and the origins of moving images.

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