Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!!! On 10/19 $500 Racecars from 24 Hours of LeMons coming to EBMMF

ModelTGTImagine taking an 87 year-old Model T truck frame, the front suspension from a malaise-era Pinto, and the engine from a 90’s Mustang and making a racecar. Now imagine winning…alot…and driving to the race legally on public roads. The 24 Hours of LeMons series is a Maker tour de force. Where mechanical chops (and sweat equity) are required to help teams come up with winners under the $500 budget cap. ferd Along with the Model T GT will be Spirit of Chump Car-winning Ferdinand the Bug whose adorable googley-eyed exterior hides a ferocious Subaru power plant and just to make things TRULY challenging…dual controls!  Come talk to these Maker-racers on Sunday October 19th and find out how you can turn your driveway eyesore into a track-day champion.

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