2014 Schedule

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 8.28.37 PMDownload the 2014 East Bay Mini Maker Faire Program

Schedule posted subject to possible change. Stay up to date: follow us on Facebook or on Twitter via @ebmakerfaire.

Educators:  We have a special program for you!  Info and registration here.  UPDATE: The Educators program is SOLD OUT.

Locations and Stages

Magnolia Bldg Great Room  > PRESENTATION STAGE
Magnolia Building > MAKER SKILLS ROOM

Magnolia Building Great Room > PRESENTATION STAGE

11:30AM — Liisa Pine Schoonmaker   Cross Disciplinary Mashup: Making at the College Level  — Laney College in Oakland has a commitment to building a new manufacturing workforce, with creative and collaborative project based education. Welding instructor Liisa Pine will share how Laney is mixing up basic skills with Career Tech Education, high school with college, and cross pollinate between different departments.

12PM — Yasmin Mawaz-Khan, Karen Cusolito, John Law + Special Guest   The Importance of Junk  Karen Cusolito of American Steel Studios just succeeded in a campaign to reserve 300 tons of the old Bay Bridge steel for reuse in Bay Area art projects.  Yasmin Mawaz-Khan is working on a documentary about the impact and legacy of a now-defunct San Francisco junkyard and it’s “Junk Man,” Bill Kennedy.  Join in a conversation about reuse and the maker supply chain — moderated by John Law (partner in Laughing Squid and co-founder of Burning Man).

1PM — Mark Harrison and East Bay RC Drones, Planes, and Flying Robots — Mark Harrison and team will be presenting an overview of drones, quadcopters, radio-controlled planes, and other various flying machines. Some of them pilot themselves with GPS control! They will introduce the various types of aircraft, talk about what they’re made of and how they work, and tell you how you can get involved in this interesting hobby.

1:45 PM — Damon Tighe  BioHacking! With Candy!
Damon is a curriculum Training Specialist at Bio-Rad Laboratories.  In this session learn to make a gel electrophoresis box (one of the foundational techniques of biotech that allows researchers and manufacturers to separate DNA, proteins and other molecules of interest) out of household items capable of separating the food dyes in your favorite candy.  Please feel free to bring your own candy to this event!

2:15 PM — The Maker City: Civic Initiatives for Maker Habitat & Entrepreneurialism — Both Oakland and San Leandro are investing in their civic maker landscape. Hear from city reps what cities can do to build “maker habitat,” and learn about two very exciting East Bay developments that are focused on servicing makers and maker businesses.  Panelists include:

  • Margot Lederer Prado, Senior Economic Development Specialist, City of Oakland
  • Justin Quimby, co-founder of Oakland’s new BlueSprout tech factory
  • Deborah V. Acosta, Chief Innovation Officer at City of San Leandro
  • Cheryl Edison, Ecosystem Manager at San Leandro’s maker incubator, The Gate
  • Moderated by Jennifer Pahlka, founder at Code for America, and co-founder, East Bay Mini Maker Faire

3 PM — Nick & Ingrid Dragotta, Saul Griffith Ten Years of Howtoons! Howtoons are comics that teach kids how to MAKE things using everyday household objects. With a foundation of science and engineering, Howtoons aim to inspire creativity through art and imagination. Meet the amazing makers behind Howtoons (MacArthur Foundation “genius grant” recipient Saul Griffith; acclaimed comic book artist, Nick Dragotta (East of West); and toy designer Ingrid Dragotta), and get a look at 10 years of awesome, clever, instructional art!

3:45 PM — Rick Schertle and Kurt Fleischer Maker Clubs and Maker Mentors — Learn about the nuts and bolts of starting and running a maker club from Rick who is a contributing writer for Make: magazine and leads a Maker Club at middle school where he teaches in San Jose.  Kurt Fleischer is an engineer for Pixar and has been involved in Make:’s Young Makers program for a number of years.  Kurt will be speaking about the importance of mentors in the life of every maker.  Both Rick and Kurt had awesome Maker Dads, are Dads to their own Young Makers.  They have a passion for passing on the making legacy to the next generation.

4:15 PM — Jenny Ernst One Mean Pre-Teen
Park Day’s 6th grade teacher, Jenny Ernst and students will present about a STEAM project that incorporates DIT (“Do It Together”), social emotional learning, and making. Audience will hear and see how we built an “average”, life sized sixth grader. Come see what learning happens from maker education.

Magnolia Building > MAKER SKILLS ROOM

11AM — J.D. Zamfirescu & Rolf Widenfelt of Workshop Weekend
Getting Started with Arduino
Arduino is an inexpensive open source electronic prototyping platform for all makers. Workshop Weekend founder J.D. Zamfirescu and instructor Rolf Widenfelt will guide you through the process of selecting and programming your first Arduino.

12PM — David Scheltema  Choosing a Board
Overwhelmed by the huge selection of prototyping boards? Not sure which one will work best for your project?  Not to worry! Make: magazine’s Technical Editor David Scheltema will explain how makers are using many of the popular boards –such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBone — and also share some prototyping board darkhorses that you might just want to use in your next project.

1PM —- Matt Richardson Getting Started with RaspberryPi
Go from 0 to Raspberry Pi in 15 minutes with one of the co-authors of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and Make: magazine Contributing Editor, Matt Richardson. Learn what Raspberry Pi is, what you’ll need to use it, and how makers have been integrating this $35 mini computer in their projects.

2 PM —Eric Maundu/Kijani Grows Smart Aquaponics
By modelling natures systems IoT can be used to address common human basic need problems such as healthy food access. Aquaponics grows fresh healthy organic food through the symbiotic relationship of fish, bacteria and plants in recirculating water systems. Our Smart Controllers allow us to convert the physical world of food systems such as aquaponics into a digital realm – mitigating numerous issues associated with making such systems sustainable. We will showcase and demo our smart control technologies and educational platform for addressing such issues.

3 PM — Jingfeng Liu What Can You Make with a pcDuino?
pcDuino is a $39 single board computer that has 1G RAM, 4G Flash, Gbit ethernet, and is compatible with Arduino ecosystem. In this presentation, we will show the STEM projects with pcDuino and example projects that cover home automation, 3D printing, robots.


11:00 —Jenny Rockwell  Aquaponics
Local activist and propoganda rapper Jenny Rockwell sings the praises of aquaponics: the food production system that combines conventional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment

11:30PM — Bryan Josephs  Sauerkraut & Lactofermentaion
Fermentation Master of The Pickle Shop and full- time fermenter at Penrose restaurant in Oakland Bryan Josephs will explore the world of lacto fermentation: the science and benefits of cultured foods, as well as teaching folks the simple and delicious method of making sauerkraut at home.

12PM — April Rose Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs
April Rose of Rainbow Kimono is a mother & artist living in the Oakland Hills. When she’s not creating fantasy worlds with her 2 children she can be found working with ceramics, fiber & collage to make unique handmade wares. Join her in making Earth Eggs using natural dyes & plant clippings. See the earth hues come to life with pleasing results of beautiful hand dyed eggs.

12:30PM — Dan Hanken Chicken Butchery
A demonstration of two rudimentary methods for breaking down poultry into parts for cooking. The exhibit will include a brief discussion of basic butchering principles and poultry cookery.

1PM — Kelsie Kerr  Minestrone
Owner of the new and applauded Standard Fare, Bay Area food luminary Kelsie Kerr (Chez Panisse, Cafe Rouge, Zuni Cafe; co-author with Alice Waters of The Art fo Simple Food ) will share her approach to making minestrone.

1:30PM —Nicole Easterday  Cheesemaking at Home
Nicole Easterday of FARMcurious wants to give you the tools to make cheese at home! In this 1/2 hour demo, she will show how simple and fun cheesemaking can be.

2PM — Biofuel Oasis  Harvesting Backyard Honey
BioFuel Oasis Urban Farm Store will be uncapping and harvesting honeycomb taken from a backyard beehive in Oakland.

2:30PM — Patrick O’Connor Seed Exchange!
Patrick O’Connor (Bay Area Seed Interchange Library) will help you identify the most successful varieties for the small scale Bay Area grower & guide you through the process of saving their seed. It will will cover fundamental botanical concepts necessary to save seeds successfully like: plant sex, planning seed gardens, rouging, & processing seed.There will be hands on activities processing both dry & wet seed, i.e. tomatoes, & beans.

3PM — Mai Lovaas Medicinal Mushrooms
Come learn about the healthful benefits of fungi!

3:30PM — April Gavin Fiber Arts
Using live demonstrations, Fiber Arts craftswoman April Gavin of Orange Goat Studios will speak on the history of wool


11AM — Crow for a Day  Oakland-based traditional string band with a few modern touches.

1PM — The Empty Minded  Bay Area high school alt rock.

2 PM — Machine Shop   Machine Shop is a gong and electronics duo blazing new paths in sound and music.

3PM — Felsen  Subversive West Oakland indie rockers Felsen deliver a smart, quirky, and sometimes confrontational stage show that corrals audience members into the inner circle with melody, substance, and heart.

4PM — East Bay Brass Band   The East Bay Brass Band specializes in mash-ups of your favorite songs done in a New Orleans style. But we also draw upon choice covers, trombone shouts, and our own originals to create a repetoire that will get you dancing!

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