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The Oakland Museum and LHS: This Time It’s Personal

A warm welcome to two venerable institutions that are coming to the Faire for the first time–The Oakland Museum and the Lawrence Hall of Science!

Customize with the Oakland Museum. How do we create symbols and logos that reflect our personal style? At the Faire, the Oakland Museum will  bring a project logo and then give you art supplies and a video camera to help you create a stop motion video  that completely changes the logo to reflect your vision.

Build New Circuits with the Lawrence Hall of Science Ingenuity Lab.  Design, build and test your own moving sculpture using hobby motors, batteries, wires, switches and common everyday objects. Learn about basic circuitry while modifying your design and building cool gadgets.  Just take a look at the wicked gleam in the eye of this kid making a pen-yogurt container-robot. Enough said.


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Fixit This Weekend

It’s raining, the kids battery-operated robot isn’t working. You’d sit and make tea and toast but the toaster is broken, and so is the kettle for that matter.

Just plan a little ahead and bring all your almost-working or seriously-broken small appliances, electronics, toys, and gadgets to the East Bay Mini Maker Faire. Peter Mui and his lovely Fixit Clinic team will provide workspace, specialty tools, and guidance to help you disassemble and troubleshoot your item. You’ll be back in tea and toast in no time. And, if for some reason it can’t be fixed, at least you’ll know more about how it works and why it broke in the first place.

Of course, if all attempts fail—just take it down the hall to the Wreck Lab and give it its due!

Watch the Fix-It Clinic in action here: