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We’re proud to share the bounty of  amazing workshops, presentations and performances that will be happening at this year’s Faire. Note the schedule posted subject to possible change. Stay up to date:  follow us on Facebook or on Twitter @ebmakerfaire.

Locations and Stages

Magnolia Bldg  >  MAD SKILLZ STAGE

Magnolia Building Great Room 1 > MAD SKILLZ STAGE

10:45AM — JZamfirescu & Rolf Widenfelt (Worshop Weekend) Electronics & Arduino Intro – Get started with electronics & Arduino. We’ll present the best ways to get started with making electronics projects, so you can go out and build great things!

11:30 PM — Liza Wallach Kloski (HoneyPoint3D) How to Get Started in 3D Printing  – We will go over in our talk, the outline of our book that is coming out Jan 2016 via our publishers Make Magazine. Topics include: software, hardware and services that make it easier for the consumer to get started.

12:15 PM — Jeffrey McGrew (Because We Can) Making to Make: How Creating Our Own Custom Tools Helps Us Make Great Things  –  From custom jigs, fixtures, clamps, and endless custom physical items we make for our projects to the custom software we rely heavily upon for daily work management. We’ve made a custom-made Wiki/ERP system on top of Drupal, an open-source CRM package, and we’ve been writing our own software from scratch too, creating add-ons for the CAD system we use, which we then open-souce back to the CAD community of users. All of these things we have had to make ourselves so that we can continue making things for you (our clients)!

1:00 PM — Phil Ross (MycoWorks) Making with Mushrooms — Mushrooms can be used to make materials for buildings, furniture, packaging and many other useful and fantastic things. In this show-and-tell presentation, artist and Visiting Scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine Phil Ross will describe the ways that mushrooms can used to grow many items that are currently manufactured using plastics and petroleum based composites.

1:45 PM — Women Under 30 in Robotics — East Bay entrepreneurs and engineers Helen Lurie (founder, BitBeam) and Rosanna Myers (co-founder, Carbon Robotics), and Lisa Winter (Plan X Battlebot) share recent projects, tools, startup stories, what tech they are watching, and about their path toward becoming an inventor/innovator.  Moderated by Maker Faire’s Sabrina Merlo.

2:30 PM — Sean Cusak (Sheet Metal Alchemist) Moving from Static to Kinetic and Interactive Architecture – Sheet Metal Alchemist is a new breed of design build company which combines design, fabrication, electronics implementation, and installation under one roof to achieve these goals faster and within budget.  As technology advances, clients are demanding centerpieces and marketing pieces which incorporate ever increasing levels of movement and interactivity—however, many of these projects are either scaled down or canceled due to cost or complexity. During this talk, Sean Cusack, Lead Designer of Sheet Metal Alchemist will talk about the considerations and solutions for facing advanced design problems while using examples from our portfolio focused on Public Art, Architecture, and Experiential Marketing.

3:15 PM — Eddie Codel (Flying Robot International Film Fest) Introductions to Drones – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, are more popular than ever, and are an accessible and fun hobby. Drone enthusiast, maker and drone film festival producer Eddie Codel will give us a basic introduction to drones, discussing topics of flight control systems, aerial cinematography, and sharing tips for making your own drone.

4:00 PM — Cheryl Edison & Andie Grace (The Gate/The Factory) How to Build a Creative Commercial Community – Are you an Artist, Maker or into Technology and yearn for space & the fun of being part of a community to build what you imagine? Do you find yourself needing space or find yourself alone trying build, but lacking some key equipment or knowledge? During this 10 minute presentation and 30 minute Q & A, Cheryl Edison and Andie Grace of The Gate and The Factory in San Leandro will share key concepts & step-by-step details for how to build your own or become part of a thriving creative commerce community.

Magnolia Building Room 2 > CULTURE HACKS ROOM

11:30 AM — Underwater Robotics Student Panel: Lessons from the Pool Deck — Join us for a student panel on Bentley School’s Underwater Robotics program. Students will discuss the process of designing, building and testing a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and will present some of the ROVs they built for the 2015 Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center’s Regional Competition in Aptos, CA.

12:30PM — Samantha Cook (Curiosity Hacked) I am Maker —
Young Makers will join Samantha Cook in a hands on exploration of what it means to be a maker and be part of a community. Using awesome examples, kids will be empowered and encouraged to tinker and take charge of and hack their own maker education, and find the resources they need to gain any skill and build any project. Open to kids of all ages, parents and teachers are welcome to join.

1:30PM —- Betty Ray (Edutopia) A Busy Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Education — When the future is so in flux, what are skills that kids need? Edutopia Director of Programming and Innovation will cover academic and so-called “soft” skills for academic success and well-being—like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and communication, and resiliance.  She will outline the myriad of local programs that serve these goals, including making @ home and school, project-based learning, design thinking, restorative justice, mindfulness practice, as well as tools and research to empower parents to make the case for these practices to bring back to their school boards and/or administrators.

2:30 PM — Matt Jervis (Make It Creativity) How To Entertain, Distract, and Unplug Your Kids! Tricks, Tools, and Spontaneous Screen-Free Activities — Sure we all hand our kids the phone when things get tough, but down deep we know that screen time will not build world leaders. So how does a parent like you keep those little rug rats entertained and engaged in a meaningful way while you get your own stuff done? From photo bombing magazines in the dentist’s office, sock matching speed trials, to making bread, local author, educator and designer Matt Jervis provides spontaneous activities from his new book that kids can do with or without you.

3:45 PM — Traci Bond (Dublin Unified School District) Maker on the Cheap for Schools — Learn about how you can take the Maker movement into your classroom for very little $ and low tech or no tech initially. Maker classrooms does not mean 3D printing only. It can be whatever the students are interested in exploring.


11:00 —Lila Volkas (Volkas) Brew Your Own Kombucha
Come learn about the wonders of kombucha, fermented tea! Lila will discuss the history, health benefits and how-tos of kombucha. Ask any questions you’d like about the delicious bubbly elixir.

11:30PM — Elizabeth Vecchiarelli (Preserved) Kefir, Yoghurt, and Lebneh

12PM — Hilary Goldman (A Slice of Delight) Soap Making — Learn the basics of how to use a melt and pour soap base with simple tools and ingredients to design, color and fragrance a bar of soap. Make hand washing and bathing much more fun. Perfect for gift giving too. Hilary is an accidental entrepreneur who transitioned out of a high tech career of 25 years into this creative and slippery slope of soap design. She makes and markets her own soap designs under the business name of A Slice of Delight.

12:30PM — Bryan Josephs (Swifty Pickles) Pickles!
Swifty, founder and master fermenter behind Swifty’s Pickles began fermenting and preserving foods while suffering the harsh winters of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  After moving to sunny California he undertook a rigorous course of study with pickle gurus Alex and Kevin Hozven at the Cultured Pickle Shop in Berkeley.  He consults with multiple Bay Area restaurants, including: Penrose, Boot and Shoe Service, Duende and Del Popolo.  He also teaches home fermentation workshops and distributes his pickles as snacks for local watering holes. At the Faire, Swifty will teach you skills that will allow you to ferment any vegetables you like into delicious pickles as home.

1PM — Rachel Kayan (City Lights Urban Farm) Urban Turkeys
Expanding urban farming in the East Bay to raising heritage turkeys. These blue slate turkeys are a rare and beautiful example of the variety you see in heritage breeds.

1:30PM — Nicole Easterday (FarmCurious) Two Cheeses in Under 10 Minutes — Learn to make two distinct types of cheeses, each in about 10 minutes of active time. We’ll discuss the magic of using cultures vs the simplicity of adding acid to make two absolutely dreamy cheeses that are easy enough for the most skeptical beginner but enticing enough for a seasoned kitchen pro.

2PM — Jennifer Radke (Biofuel Oasis) Harvesting Backyard Honey
BioFuel Oasis Urban Farm Store will be uncapping and harvesting honeycomb taken from a backyard beehive in Oakland.r herbal vinegars, tinctures and honeys using fresh and local plants.

2:30PM — Bradford Taylor (Ordinaire) — Natural Wine
Ordinaire is a wine shop and wine bar that focuses on natural wines from Europe and California. We believe that wine is not primarily a commodity for buying, collecting, trading; rather, it is an agricultural product made by real people, to be shared at the table with close friends. Learn about wines that are made with organic grapes, fermented with indigenous yeasts, and bottled with little or no preservatives.

3PM — Chris Boswell Meatballs
Christopher Boswell is the Executive Chef of the Rome Sustainable Food Project, and is currently working with Charlie Hallowell at Penrose restaurant in Oakland (the two together will be soon opening a meatball shop in Temescal right next to Leo’s on Telegraph and 55th!!).  L

3:30PM — April Gavin History of Wool


11AM — The Dulcimates — The DulciMates, Deborah “DJ” Hamouris and Buffalo, play traditional folk music and original compositions with traditional flair. Two voices and two mountain dulcimers create “dulcimers without borders.”

11:45 AM — Quake City Jug Band — Quake City Jug Band is a quartet that performs early American jazz, blues, swing, novelty songs, and some very funny originals.

12:30PM — Oakland School for the Arts Choir — 25-30 singer choir, no instruments

1:30PM — East Bay Brass Band East Bay Brass Band is a trumpet-less brass band from the East Bay that exclusively plays mash-ups of popular music.

3:15PM — TinyRock — Miniature instruments. Big rock music. Family friendly and dance party-ready.

3:45 PM — Oakland Tech High School Jazz Band — 6 piece band from the big school over the fence!